Psychedelic Sue’s Peace, Love & a Cure

Psychedelic Sue’s Peace, Love & a Cure
Ya know what happens in the spring time?
It’s the official launch of my Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) campaign to raise funds to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes!
This year’s campaign is especially fun as I’ve combined my age with the theme. We are rolling in the 1960s baby!  We are getting down, wearin’ hip cool shades and flashing a foxy peace sign.
It’s Groovy Baby!

The Word Emporium of Chocolatology

The Word Emporium of Chocolatology
I must admit, I think I learn more from my students than they learn from me! Okay, okay, that might not be the absolute truth, but sometimes I feel this way.
The Cummings course, “Write About It”, started out as a simple creative writing course, which has now morphed into a Word Emporium of Written Beauty, chocolate included!

Journaling & Wellness Workshop – October 17th, 2023

Journaling & Wellness Workshop – October 17th, 2023
Did you know, Journaling has amazing meditative and soulful health benefits?
Do you want to get started writing in a journal, but you don’t know how?
Do you need someone to guide you on your journaling journey?
If you answered yes, sign up for…
The Journaling & Wellness Workshop on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023 – 7-9 pm.
Enjoy a beautiful, soothing 2 hour workshop which teaches:
1. What is journaling?
2. The health & wellness benefits of journaling
3. A personal self-discovery journey
4. Documenting your history
5. Let’s set-up your journal – the participants will need to have a new journal present
6. Writing & spiritual time with a writer’s meditation
7. Sharing the experience
For more information or to register, click here.

Writing Your Memoir – Creative Writing at Concordia University – 2023

Writing Your Memoir – Creative Writing at Concordia University – 2023
Memoirs aren’t just for people in the senior chapters of their lives.
If you’re old enough to be in this course, you’ve lived through a lot.
You have a story that’s unique, one which deserves to be written for posterity… or maybe for a publisher with an audience eager to learn from your experiences.
Online Zoom Class at Concordia University, with the Centre for Continuing Education.
Writing Your Memoir – Course Code: CEJN 134
April 6 – June 8, Thursdays 18:00-21:00 p.m. 10 Weeks of creativity.
From the comforts of your home, let’s write your memoir in a creative way.

Get it Off the Table!

Get it Off the Table!
Ohhhh, I miss the art of the conversation.
The back and forth flow of wonderful exchanges.
However, I’ve noticed that many people prefer the quiet of texting instead of the sounds of speech.
I’ve also noticed “new partners” at the table.

Instinctively Spring – And lessons in reading the world

Instinctively Spring – And lessons in reading the world
Forget the calendar. Seriously, it gives you a false sense of seasonal security. The calendar is an excellent tool for organizing your time, days, events, and years. However, I find it’s not an accurate tool for understanding the changing seasons.
The calendar states this year of 2023, in the northern hemisphere, spring will start on March 20 and end on June 21. In my world, spring begins in February. At this time, I can clearly state, on February 6, 2023, spring began in Montreal, Canada. Remember, this is in my world.

Waa Think I Love You

Waa Think I Love You
 A Love Story for Valentine’s Day
Waaa Think I Love You

Yes, that was me, the David Cassidy singing gal skiing up and down tracks 2 and 6 with a smile on my face. But, I wasn’t alone. I was with so many other skiing enthusiasts, smiling and enjoying the gift of pristine fresh winter snow in February. It doesn’t get better than this. This is pure love!

Screw First Impressions

Screw First Impressions
I can’t tell how many times first impressions have misguided me. You’ve got to give it much more time to truly develop an impression about someone or something.
Many, many years ago I was a victim of a lousy first impression. In my later teens I was dating a hunky outdoorsman. Let’s call him Dude. He was one of those guys who did all his activities outdoors, like camping, hiking, skiing, kayaking, biking, and running. Perhaps calling him Stud, would be a better name.
Gotta Love Alice!

Hot off the “Journaling & Wellness” presses

Hot off the “Journaling & Wellness” presses

The Journaling & Wellness Workshop was recently given to caregivers with the Jeffery Hale Community Partners in Quebec City. The online workshop taught the participants:  the wellness benefits of journaling, setting up your journal, creative writing techniques with a writer’s meditation.
The next group Journaling & Wellness Workshop is May 4, 7-9 pm.
For info + registration:
This article can be found in the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph,

Deliciously Oblivious

Deliciously Oblivious
It happens all the time and I’m completely unaware of it. I’m sitting, writing in my journal and it gently comes over me. I don’t even know how long it went on for. However I do know, I went into a meditative state and I feel more relaxed than when I started.
It’s not daydreaming. It’s more intense than that. I would title it a “Writer’s Meditation”.

Exciting News… Journaling & Writer’s Workshops for 2023 & 2024

Exciting News… Journaling & Writer’s Workshops for 2023 & 2024

In 2023 & 2024, I will be offering 4 new online interactive Writer’s Workshops:

1. Journaling & Wellness, October 23, 7-9 pm

2. Writing by Candlelight, November 20, 7-9 pm.

3. Start Your Memoir, in 2024 TBA

4. Creative Writer’s Toolbox,  in 2024 TBA



The Journaling & Writer’s Workshops are aimed to improve your wellness, creativity, and written expression.

The group workshops provide an opportunity for a relaxing, creative writing journey.

Enjoy the freedom to express yourself and write about it.

Each workshop implements writing and spiritual time with a ‘Writer’s Meditation’.


Limited to 15 participants per online Zoom workshop.

For more info, group & corporate rates or to register, click:

Journaling & Writer’s Workshops



To Menou with Love – A Love Story

To Menou with Love – A Love Story
One day, I got off the summer day-camp bus and found a Tabby cat gingerly walking around my lawn. I signaled to it and it suddenly came to me.  I named her Menou.  Although my mother didn’t like cats and told me not to feed her, I did.
Each day, I would jump off the afternoon bus and quickly run to give her tuna, water and lots of cuddles. This went on for weeks during the summer of 1971. On a very hot day, I got off the bus and I couldn’t find Menou. Surprisingly, she was on a blanket at my front door.  My mother told me she was in labor and was about to give birth! My 9 year old life suddenly changed.

Creative Non-Fiction at Concordia University – January 2023

Creative Non-Fiction at Concordia University – January 2023
Come take an online creative writing course with me this winter from the comforts of your own home!
CREATIVE NON-FICTION – CEJN 122 at Concordia University – Centre for Continuing Education
January 17 – March 21, 2023 – Tuesdays 6:00-9:00 p.m. 10 classes.
Let’s warm up to creativity and write our hearts out.
In this course, you’ll use close observation of real events to explore techniques of the genre like narrative structure, character development, scene-setting and dialogue. Most of all, you’ll focus on developing vision, your creativity and your personal voice, which are all essential to capturing your reader’s attention.

Anti-Bucket List Gal

Anti-Bucket List Gal

And… Where did the term bucket list come from? Perhaps it originated from the 2007 Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman film “Bucket List” in which, two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die. Perhaps the term originated before the film?

Regardless of the origin, the term “bucket list” a thing people like to complete within their life time.

I sort of break down the bucket list concept into much smaller parts. I woke up today and I’m just grateful for that. My bucket list is done!

A Creative Winter Awaits You in January 2023

A Creative Winter Awaits You in January 2023
Write About It with Suzanne Reisler Litwin at the Cummings Centre.
Join our Online Zoom Creative Writing Class.
And… Do it from the comforts of your home. 🙂
LIT 276 – Write About It – Session 1 – Wednesdays, January 18 – February 22, 1-2:30 pm, 6 Classes.
LIT 276-01 – Write About It – Session 2 – Wednesdays, March 8 & 15, 1-2:30 pm, 2 Classes.
Winter Registration starts on Monday, December 12, 2022, 9:00 am.
Limited Registration.

A Beautiful Difference

A Beautiful Difference
Many, many, many moons ago, I went to West Hill High School. My years were 1976 to 1980. The school was not a good fit for me. It was way too big. And…
The halls had a horrible sweaty human, bio-clinical iodine odor to it. I think the pool water was used to wash the halls. The only thing which kept me going back each day, were my friends. Actually, there was an excellent geography and art teacher, who inspired me.