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Ever since I was young, I loved to write. When all the other girls were reading books in summer camp, I was creating short stories and writing very long letters. This passion has never left me. As a teenager, I started to write in a diary. I wrote everyday throughout my adolescence. By the time I was 17, I had a shelf full of completed diaries in my room. When I became an adult, I changed the name of my writing books from diaries to journals. To date, I have over 90 journals filled with daily notes, stories, and events. These journals are considered the history books of my family and life. Whenever there is a question about a particular event, I have the privilege to go to the stacks of my journals and pick out the precise facts of that day and time.

As a writer, I have always dreamed about being an author. My dream finally came true with the publication of my children’s book, The Black Velvet Jacket. My advice is to never give up on your dreams. In time, they will come true. Hope is the springboard to all dreams coming true. Always have hope!

Please enjoy the many articles found in my two columns: Living in the Now, in The Suburban Newspaper, and Keeping it Real, in the West Island Blog.
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I hope readers and story-lovers of all ages will come here and enjoy my articles, books and poetry. Maybe some will be inspired and they too, will publish their words.

Latest Articles & News

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Bill 21: Numbers turned upside down

    Published! Letter to the Editor in The Suburban Newspaper.— Bottom line, Miss Macdonald was the most fantastic, innovative, friendly, wonderful, amazing, informative teacher. And the fact that she wore a big catholic cross around her neck each day she taught us, made no fricken difference to anyone in the classroom. So, I really don’t know […]

  • West Island Blog

    Happy Day!

    Today, families are not strictly Mother and Father created.  There are many families which have two Mother’s and/or two Fathers.  Some families may have one Mother or one Father.  Some families don’t have Fathers or Mothers.  Families can no longer be defined as simply a Mother and Father with children.  Our society is too far […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Z, Tra La La La!

    I remember screaming this cheer for everyone’s name and our team name. It was so exciting and invigorating. You can adapt this cheer with anyone’s name, team name, or anything providing it’s long enough. If the first name is short, add the last name or a nickname always works.  EVERYTHING DESERVES A CHEER!

  • West Island Blog

    Keep It Going Go! See! Be! Do!

    By trying new physical activities or mental challenges, we grow as individuals. We allow ourselves to interact with the world in a different way. We meet new people along this journey. We expand our minds and bodies. Perhaps we will find a new hobby, love, or interest. We keep it going! We move it forward.

  • West Island Blog

    Home Plate

    RUN HOME! RUN HOME!!!!  As the story goes, he was up at bat and struck the ball so hard that it went sailing way out into the outfield. Above all the little heads on the opposing team. It was definitely a home run. Just then the parents and coaches started to scream at him to […]

  • West Island Blog

    High 5 Baby!

    5 bucks gets you a small meal.  5 bucks will get you some place, not too far. 5 bucks will get you a beer. 5 minutes will let you snooze.  5 minutes late gives you a grace period.  5 minutes early gives you a moment to relax.  Dinner for 5 might get you a round table. I’ll call you […]

  • West Island Blog

    iKnow… iThink?

    At a recent dinner, I noticed that the dining table surface suddenly included many cellular phones.  Each dinner guest placed their cell phone next to their cutlery.  During the dinner, these cell phones received frequent glances and for some, the messaging was constant.  The questions to iSelf were, “Who are these virtual guests at our dining table? Who is communication […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Half Full or Half Empty?

    I looked at the glass and said, “This glass is totally full!” All my students were shocked by my answer. Instead of explaining my response, I went around the classroom again and asked each student if they considered my glass to be half empty, half full or totally full. None of the students could figure out […]

  • West Island Blog

    Childhood Magic

    SPRING IS HERE!!!! So….Let’s have some fun! Occasionally, I have written messages on my friend’s driveways using street chalk. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your half-marathon! Happy Birthday to you! I suppose no one can escape my childish escapades. Sometimes I wonder if I am simply immature for my age? I hope I am.

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    HERE IT IS!!!

    The official launch of my JDRF 2019 Fundraising Campaign. DOMI a Favour! MAX your donation to JDRF! This year Montreal Canadiens hockey player Max Domi and I are Teammates to Cure Diabetes! Together we will make Type One – Type None. Please consider making a donation to JDRF to further research into curing Diabetes. 

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