Ever since I was young, I loved to write. While my friends were reading books, I was creating short stories and writing very long letters. This passion has never left me. As a young teenager, I started to write in a private diary.  By the time I was 18, I had a shelf full of diaries in my room. Now as an adult, I refer to my diaries as journals. To date, I have over 100 journals filled with daily notes, stories, and events. These journals are considered the history books of my family and life. Whenever there’s a question about a particular event, I have the privilege to go to the stacks of my journals and pick out the precise facts of that day and time.

As a writer, I have always dreamed about being an author. My dream finally came true with the publication of my children’s book, The Black Velvet Jacket.  My advice is to never give up on your dreams. In time, they will come true. Hope is the springboard to all dreams coming true.  Always have hope!

Please enjoy the many articles found in my two columns: Living in the Now, in The Suburban Newspaper, and Keeping it Real, at the West Island News Blog.  I love to write, as my weekly columns are enjoyed by people from all over the world.

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  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Stay in Your Lane

    It’s so very important to surround yourself with brilliant, creative, funny, loving, wonderful friends. I am very lucky in that I have an AMAZING group of fabulous friends.  Recently, my incredibly smart entrepreneur friend Sally gave me a GIANT piece of advice.  She told me to “Stay in Your Lane”. That’s not all the great […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper


    When I was in my later 30s, I complained to my brilliant dermatologist that I wanted to fix all the little lines I was getting. He said, “Why take a perfectly healthy person and put them at risk?” I live by his mantra. However, 59 is beckoning my youthful vanity. When I get a rise […]

  • Announcements

    Creative Non-Fiction – CEJN 122 – Concordia University Continuing Education

    COME TAKE A CREATIVE WRITING COURSE THIS WINTER! Actually, the winter flies by when taking a creative writing course. CREATIVE NON-FICTION at Concordia University – Online Zoom. Continuing Education – Course Code: CEJN 122 Personal point of view and interpretation can all colour creative non-fiction, the form used in personal essays, reportages, articles and more. […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Ahhh, Winter

    It’s my season… I love winter. Often I’m asked, “Why do you love winter? What is it about winter that you like? Explain it to me because I have no idea why anyone would like winter.” Perhaps my explanation will give you a perspective of winter you might have never thought about.

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    A Room of Her Own

    One night, I was teaching a three-hour online class in the basement. I put a note on the basement garage door, “Class in Session – Enter from Upstairs!” I put a note on the upstairs door which leads to the basement, “Class in Session – Do Not Enter!” On that night, family members and their […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Life as a Bicycle

    It was the summer of 1973 when I attached a small radio to the handlebars of my green banana seat bike. Not only did I have freedom of mobility, I also had easy access to, GREAT music. Not much mattered to me at that time. I was free and able to ride my bike and […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper


    This week a momentous event is going to happen in my life. It has been in the making since I was 14 years old. It has taken me 44 years to get to this point. I have been anticipating this event for years. YEARS! It’s not life changing, but it’s a major historical marker in […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    It’s Not My Fault!

    Growing up we had a Junk Food Pantry in the kitchen. My friends would come over and raid it. This pantry had cookies, candies, chocolates, chips, mini cakes, nuts, cheese puffs, licorice, etc. Every 2 weeks my mom would load it up with tons of junk food. My friends Ellen and Gayle would come over […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Ah… Appreciation

    When I go to the opera with my mother, sometimes there is a PAUSE in the performance. This is not an intermission to leave your seat and get a drink or use the washroom. This is simply a pause in the performance. When the pause is announced, my mother looks at me with a wink […]

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Realness Reigns

    Realness happens every day as you live. Unreal happens when it’s created using lighting, filters, paints, sound, video, cameras, technology, etc. Social Media is the film industry in a mobile device! Create realness in your own life and push for that honesty.

  • The Suburban Newspaper

    Potty Mouth

    It’s true. I swear on occasion. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I swear often. Hmmmm, maybe I can be more honest. I F&$!*Kin swear all the time!I have been told I have a “Potty Mouth”. I’ve heard other charming expressions such as: gutter mouth, dirty mouth, toilet mouth, foul mouthed and my favourite, muck-spout. I […]

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