The Black Velvet Jacket is a true story of a young man’s coming of age.
It inspires all those who believe that wishes really do come true.


Each book I write comes from a personal experience. The Black Velvet Jacket is based on a real family event. The illustrations were created by my dear friend Ross Paperman. He based his illustrations on the people in my family. He is amazing. Ross is wonderfully creative and caring. He is a one of a kind gem!

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Book Publication & Review

blackvelvetjacketTitle: The Black Velvet Jacket
Written By: Suzanne Reisler Litwin
ISBN: 978-1897536292, 978-1939288431
Illustrated By: Ross Paperman
Publisher: Books For Looks Publishers
Published: January 2011, 2016

Philip was unhappy until he put on his Uncle’s Black Velvet Jacket and then something amazing happened! How can a dusty, rolled up, thirty year old jacket make a boy’s birthday wish come true?


Review by Elaine Cohen for the Canadian Jewish News:

“The Black Velvet Jacket (BooksForLooks Publishers) is a colourful hardcover book that includes captivating illustrations by Ross Paperman. Although most Montrealers are familiar with Paperman’s professional community connection with Paperman and Sons, not everyone is aware of his artistic talent.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Paperman embellishes Reisler Litwin’s text with whimsical, eyecatching illustrations.

Readers of all ages will identify with the concerns of a boy coming of age. Philip is about to celebrate his 13th birthday, but he is frustrated by his failure to find flattering attire to suit his small frame. Also, being short has lowered his self-esteem and peer status. Thanks to Grandma’s initiative and Mother Nature’s goodwill, Philip ultimately succeeds in his quest.”

Live CTV Interview with Mutsumi Takahashi

On:  September 2011
Article:  Published Tuesday, September 27, 2011 @

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Book Launch at OINK OINK !

Book Launch For The Black Velvet Jacket
On: Saturday, September 17th, 2011 @ 12:00 noon
1343, Greene Avenue, Westmount, Québec, H3Z 2A5 Tél: 514 939 2634

Selwyn House School

Book Reading & Signing
On: November, 2011
At: Selwyn House School, Westmount, Qc

Lower Canada College

Book Reading & Signing
On: November, 2011
At: Lower Canada College, Montreal, Qc

Parkdale Elementary School – English Montreal School Board

Book Reading & Signing
On: December, 2011
At: Parkdale Elementary School, Montreal, Qc

Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School

Book Reading & Signing
On: April, 2015
At: Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School, Montreal, Qc