suzanne reislerI grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A truly beautiful place to live. When I was younger, I lived with my older sister, younger brother, and parents. My parents told me to follow my dreams and always create something. For years, I created gardens of flowers and fruits. I wrote many stories and poems. I skied, danced, ran, swam, canoed and thoroughly enjoyed life.

In 1985, I graduated from McGill University, Montreal, with a Bachelor of Education degree. I became a Teacher. This was an amazing accomplishment considering the fact that I have tremendous difficulty spelling!  In 1995, I graduated from Concordia University, Montreal, with a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology. I became a Computer Science Teacher, specializing in Educational Technology. I have taught children, teenagers, adults and senior adults. I’ve always loved teaching, but I was still brewing a passion for writing and the dream of becoming an author never diminished.

A defining moment in my life occurred when my beloved Grandmother left me with phrases to live by and a spiritual muse. From that moment on, I knew I had to get the words out of my head, onto paper, and into the world.

Suzanne Reisler

Here’s something funny about me, I love paper. I know it sounds funny to love paper, but I do. Even with all the technological advances in the world, I prefer paper. I like the different qualities, weights, smells, and feel of paper. When I select a new journal, I study the paper which I will write on. My connection to writing is not simply about the words. It’s about the bond between the paper and the words, via the ink.

Luckily, I have been able to marry my love of teaching with my love of writing. I am a writing instructor at Concordia University  in the Centre for Continuing Education and at Le Centre Cummings.  Also, I am a columnist with The Suburban Newspaper.  My column is called, “Living in the Now”.  I am a featured writer for the West Island News Blog, and other wonderful newspapers/blog sites. Often, I teach creative writing courses, give workshops and lecture on creative writing.  Please subscribe here to my weekly Saturday morning newsletter to keep up to date with my published work, current teaching schedule, workshops and lectures.

My home is always busy. It’s filled with family, animals, numerous plants and flowers, home cooking and baked goodies. It’s a great place to live and write. Although I can write anywhere, I am most creative at home.

I would best describe myself as a passionate person. I get attached to creativity quite easily. I love my family, my home and garden, and my friends. I adore skiing, running, gardening, baking, entertaining and of course writing. I ALWAYS stop to smell the flowers, pay special attention to details, and listen to the birds and wind. My world does not move at the same pace of the world, it is a lot slower.

That’s briefly me.

Suzanne Reisler Litwin