Does your staff need help in writing more effectively? Are many emails and letters poorly composed and the information is not getting across clearly and concisely.  If so, The Writer’s Workshop is just what your staff needs.


The Writer’s Workshop is a 2 hour interactive mini writing course. The group will learn 5 Basic Writing Tools to quickly improve their writing skills.

The group will learn:

  • Tool #1 – Using Your Senses, through an Interactive Writing Activity
  • Tool #2 – Writing With Emotion
  • Tool #3 – Using Subliminal Messages & Layering in Your Writing
  • Tool #4 – Learn How to Edit Well
  • Tool #5 – Re-reading & Editing letters for content and patterns

A maximum of 20 participants per workshop. All Workshop materials are provided for. The cost per workshop is $500.00. Deposit of $100.00 is required upon scheduling.

To schedule a workshop and/or make an inquiry, please fill in the form.

Payment via PayPal