You Are Fabulous!

You Are Fabulous!

You are fabulous! You are amazing! You are fantastic! You are wonderful! You are all
these things at something you do. Everyone is fabulously talented at something.
Everyone has the ability to be really good at doing something. Think about it. What are
you fabulous at? Oh…By the way, only you need to think you are fabulous at that
thing you do. Only you need to please yourself.

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Published on December 3, 2020
Published on December 23, 2019

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Suzanne is an Author / Writer / Columnist / Educator. She is the author of the children's picture book, The Black Velvet Jacket. Suzanne is a creative writing instructor at Concordia University in the Centre For Continuing Education and at Le Centre Cummings. Her column Living in the Now can be found in The Suburban Newspaper,

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