To Menou with Love – A Love Story

To Menou with Love – A Love Story
One day, I got off the summer day-camp bus and found a Tabby cat gingerly walking around my lawn. I signaled to it and it suddenly came to me.  I named her Menou.  Although my mother didn’t like cats and told me not to feed her, I did.
Each day, I would jump off the afternoon bus and quickly run to give her tuna, water and lots of cuddles. This went on for weeks during the summer of 1971. On a very hot day, I got off the bus and I couldn’t find Menou. Surprisingly, she was on a blanket at my front door.  My mother told me she was in labor and was about to give birth! My 9 year old life suddenly changed.
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Published on December 18, 2022

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