The populars move all the same way
Heads tilted slightly right
With thunderous numerous steps…but
You sway.

They inhale their drinks
And gobble deluxe foods in
Simulated nouvelle groovy cools…but
You sip.

The lookers and shakers in
Labels of important makers
Design their personal style…but
You build.

A glance to check an approval
Snobbery, gossip, and robbery
Are daily interchanges…but
You see.

You’re nothing of their kind
And nothing of the same
There will be nothing for you to gain…but
You know.

This world will judge
And the kindness not be tamed
Shifting and laughing and nonbelieving…but
You hold no shame.

The flocking and talking
Will fill their miserable voids
Absent of life’s little known joys…but
You, you fit me.