He is going to call, maybe not today
Possibly tomorrow or the next
One or two, I’ll be ready and waiting.

The phone is for you!
I jump to answer.
“You sound out of breath”
Oh, it’s only you.
I’m still waiting for your call.

Buzz Buzz. It’s a message
Please let it be him.
Just a plan that I can’t make
Because I might have to break
I’m still waiting for your call.

Computer on and mail to open
Hope for some hope
A connect to his life
I’ll listen to the empty
I’m still waiting for your call.

You are not here.
Not there.
You are not anywhere.
No where.
Why don’t you call me?

Ohhhhh !!! Stupid me.
I’m wasting time. Move on!
Go out, see, be, do, GO!

Hello? Hi! Nothing. You?
Sure. When? O.K.
See you then. Bye.
I love that guy!