This day seems to come around now and again
It is the day that must be and is different from all the rest
There is no rest, just a lot of unrest
A restless day

Before this day the others are comfortable and similar
Work, play, fix, fax, and simply pay your tax
But this day’s purpose is to represent something
A loss, a gain, a celebration, sometimes pain
It is not the same

When your eyes wake to this day, Did they ever close?
Did you sleep, detach to be complete
No, this day has been here before and now again
Face it, the fear, your tears, bring people near
Try to make it more clear

During this day, the puzzle doesn’t fit
The methods do not process, no logic in what you do
You just do, get through, be true, steer it
Take deep breaths of cold air, find levity
As you do, time will pass and so will this day

The stress is deafening, my hands are cold
My one finger is numb and not part of me
All due to this day, the day that seemed so far away
Pull in those silly, happy, senseless thoughts and push
Push the pounding pulse away, far away

This is the day of difference
More will come, some will hurt, others will mend
It’s only one, one of such day
Do it because you can, can do for you and those who can’t
This day is still your day.