Tucked between two solid hills
Covered in dense underbrush
Softest and sexy dark forest floor
Whispering purrs from depths beneath
Captured, enraptured, lustful and steep

I’m glancing through the folds of the ferns
Hearts beating in perfection of time
Skipping a beat, faster with fears
It moves and holds you near
Looking, searching for the source

Slight moans of sound impounded
All around, Shhhh! be still, don’t breath
Slip slightly into the nook of the hill
Blend into the camouflage twill
Listen to the silent roar calms

Beloved beast of mountain and man
Earth nestled in the muscles and sand
His fortress is the cape covering me
Beautifuls tucked deep far underneath
Daylight tries to penetrate the plateau
None to discover the truths yet to unfold