The Song Bird Knows the great tales of winter
The hallow of the wind, biting cold freeze
Recounting the darkest hunger and dampened shiver

The turn of the season pecks from its empty bill
Warming of the soil and rebirth of new foods
The Song Bird swoons down to speak of its absence, presence, and stature
Tells us of all we missed during in-cave-days

Always watching and knowing of our time and being
Hovering perch with grandour of colour
She knows of then and now skillfully predicting the forward.

The Song Bird sings praises to me of all that I do and who?
I am from her the better that she wants me to be
I know this for we share all of the same

For, I too am a Song Bird who sings to all where I am near

I spread the joy of song and smile
I listen and loom and watch and learn
Building the greatest of nest for all of my kin
I too remember the songs and follow the path of her kingdom

Again, the season changes and the fair well comes too soon
She leaves the nest filled with new beginning lives to live on
But this time the Song Bird sings an everlasting slow tune
Good bye my loves of lives, my alls, and everythings
Salut my kin and kind and those of mine

To fly away and be within the sky’s blues eyes
Adieu, adieu, adieu to you…