I know this perfect girl…

She has the perfect nose, perfect clothes, and perfect prose.

She’s simply perfect…

She is clean and neat, perfectly complete, always with pedicured feet.

She’s totally perfect…

She goes here and there and absolutely, positively everywhere…fabulous!

She’s rock star perfect…

Her home is also perfectly clean and neat and dust free complete.

I honestly don’t know how she does it?

But I do know one thing that’s for sure.
Everything in the world is imperfectly impure.

Nothing that is and lives perfectly stays the same.

She must be playing some sort of strange lifestyle game.

It all looks perfect on the outside.
But it must be turbulent and chaos on the inside, I think.

I pity the perfect girl.
A little dirt might give her a whirl into the world of the unsure.

Dig the Mother earth, play with the clay, make your world an unclean day

I’d say, imperfection is the way to go
See into the souls of who we really can be which is completely FREE!