Another season upon us lures mid winter
Flickers and flutters to springs bountiful
Newest, latest, greatest, first sightings
So cool, nouvelle, rock n’tell, gotta sell
The must haves are here

Giant handbags that act as armour
Wedged healed shoes that could kill
Veneers too bright and blinding
Oh, my Gods going to love that top
The must haves are here

Cash it, claim it, save it, spend it
On hold, off the rack, the promises
Please two days, I’ll be back,
Damn, this will be next weeks pay
The must haves are here

ATM, borrowed, bargained, and deal
Jeans are so tight, pushed up and out
All for what and nothing but in and so
Keep it hip enough, personal style – What?
YOU….. Are the must have.
I must have you!