I’ve walked by it and didn’t notice much.
I’ve rode by it and barely cared at all.
I’ve thought of it as swampy dirty lands.
But I was very wrong…

It’s a Lily Pod Pond!

One day I heard a symphony of croaks.
That got my attention like a fog horn alert.
Baritones and bass drums of croakings and bloatings.
It knocked me right off my bike.
That’s when I noticed this incredible sight.

The Beeeeautiful Lily Pod Pond.

Nestled in high reeds and tall bull rushes.
Looking like thick swampy everglades.
Lives the microcosm of reptile families and water dwelling bugs.
Mother Earth decorated in every colored pink blossom.
Own by each pretty little Lady Lily.

The Incrediable Lily Pod Pond

A sea of stinky pinks all open faced to the sun.
Flat landings for each frog to leap and lie on.
A community within its own and privately secluded to most.
I would have never known this place.
If it wasn’t for the symphonic invitation.

Among all the clatter and glamour and more.
A simple little world all to its own.
Situated between the busy and bustling of this and that.
The Lily Pod Pond of the Yorks.