It’s dry and colder
Days are shorter
Greyer and dreary
November approaches
Feelings of paleness emerges.

Not so, in my world
This is the beginning of “The Kissing Season”

Darkness casts a lovely shadow over
Quiet and peace
Rest and relaxation
Nesting and nurturing
Cuddles and shmuddles

Kissing and holding
Warm and cozy
Intertwining toes and noses
Body to body
And breath to breath
Lips to such soft, lovely lips


Now…. is “The Kissing Season”

After all the games and plays
Sports and swims
Dancing and prancing of summers glee
Comes the time to be calm and still

To sip on soups in socks with chills
The solemn tones of silence and rest
Sharing the no noise of a page turning novel best


“The Kissing Season” has its time
Before the clatter of Christmas chimes
Be inner and still
Hold me onto your chest
Kiss me in burnt Autumn’s arms
Don’t ever let me go, oh

Oh, I do….love you in “The Kissing Season” of Novemmmburrrrr”