The day is full of the sunshine’s music
Most of children’s cheers and delightful glee
Family gatherings of balloons and barbeques
Kites and flags whipping in the winds

All around me I feel the spirit of joys
Curls and crashings of the tides and waves
Splendour, glamour, jeeful, sweetful of wines
Birds calling desires for mating and matching

Closing my eyes and sitting so still
Blocking all the excitings and all the thrills
I’m listening to only the slightest of breeze
He’s talking to me and telling me of your needs

I hear the soft whisper of your words my dear
So faintly, so gently, so close, so silently smooth
I know you sent this love song for me to hear
To fill your void perfectly fitted to my ear

I embrace the rhythm and rocking of rhyme
It cyclones and envelopes me in your arms
The breeze sends all your charms and engulfs my heart
Eyes opened I can see the silhouette of your soul

Yes, I know of your love for me, I hear its wind
I feel your presence and beating of muscle
Time will once again connect our space
Until then, I send my love, my kiss, my soul, my all
I catch and throw it to you, listen its coming soon.