He has blue, blue eyes.
The colour of the so very high sky, blue kind of eyes.

And a heart that can wrap around the world.
So warm, so kind, so fine, and so mine.

His hands are perfect and smooth, soft to touch, strong in hold,
playful and skilled. Fitted perfectly to my mold.

A gentleman, a kind man, a good man, a man’s man, the best
Father man of all man, I know.

His sweet smelling manly musk, dry cleaned and swooned, with
such pride of the pack, a delicious man, in fact.

Lover of flowers, arts, beauty, our people, chief of our homes,
our lives that we all shared. He cared so much.

Come celebrate with me, he said, dance on my head, around,
around until I’m unabound. Let’s play a game, if you dare, it was fun. It had such flair.

And so..

Quiet is now, the time has been stilled. Peace encompasses the
earth that is so near. You are one with the world, my darling dear.

Did I mention the blue, the very blue eyes? Just look up and you
will see them very high, high in the sky.