You’re so cute… It’s ridiculous!

Everytime I look at you, I laugh. I smile.

Could it be your big ears or your funny face?

Or the silly eyes you make when you look at me?

Or could it be the way you bite your bottom lip?

Or the stupid gestures you make that will guarantee my smile?

Your dimples are too deep for your cheeks!

I might drown in them.

Then I won’t be able to speak.

It’s a problem because I smile all the time when I’m with you.

My cheeks hurt and I feel a relief from my world.

I must be sick because I’m too happy when we’re together.

Is it possible to be this content and live in reality?

Or am I insane from your ridiculousness?

I feel selfish and guilty when I am this way.

It seems as though I took all of the world’s happiness for myself.

Light, free, silly, and completely…. Ridiculous!!!

It’s Ridiculous, your Ridiculous!