The rain is so welcomed.
It’s peaceful and calm.
I love the patter sound it makes.
Suddenly stops you from rushing.
Air even stands still.

Birds take time to bathe.
Streets are cleansed.
Dust is settled down.
Trees all drink.
Here is the time to stop and think.

About you and me and us.
Cuddles and shmuddles.
Wet curls from dashing here and there.
Splashing damp toes. Oh, those toes.

Let’s stay in and make cookies.
Or read a warming book.
Jump into bed early
See you under the covers.
Giggles and silly tickles.

Why only during the rain?
That we take these moments.
And slow it down
Pitter, patter, drips and drops.
Come again, another day my love, for I love you a lot.