How am I supposed to have faith in you?
When there’s so much evil in the world.
Is there a balance or in balance?
I’m waiting for the good to overtake the bad.
But, it’s not happening.
Not yet
Not now

Do you hear me?
Are you listening to the pain and suffering?
Do you see and feel the broken hearts and bones?
I’m told that I am 10 years away from non-believing.
I don’t want this to happen.
Not yet
Not now

I’m hanging on to your words.
I really want to believe the lessons and psalms.
But, I’m wallowing in my reliance, my sadness
I need some light, some life, some hope
You’re on the way?
Not yet

Not now

Oh, Gaaawd!
Lift me onto your back.
Carry me from the depths of this despair.
Deliver me from the ruins of this life.
Take me into your arms and armor.
I avowal you as my truth.
I do… I do…
Now is
It’s now
No longer a when.