I’ve changed, the world has changed
Too much has happened that’s senseless
Painful, horrible, deplorable, ugly, and awful

So, I search for meaning and understanding
Perhaps a light of hope?
A rhythm or rhyme within this space and time

One Friday night, I decided to light
My candles and I prayed for those with pain
I watched and wondered over the beautiful flames

We ate our braided challah and pondered
Our resolve to make the world heal
Together in peace, we ate a delicious meal

Days have passed and events did occur
Some hope was realized and some were cured
Was it the prayer we cast, that Friday night of past?

I wondered, is the power within me and you
Are we the difference in making bad become good?
Could it be that one prayer which tipped the scales

Again, I wondered into the next Friday night
This time I eagerly gathered my candles to light
With real mention we prayed and hopped for those
To end their suffering and find a tranquil repose

With each passing week, I’ve lit the candles of peace
For without them my force isn’t as real
I need them to burn the regal truth and seal

They divide us from the mortals and the gods
These candles hold the power, heat and strength
As carriers of our message to help, heal, and mend

Now, I can’t stop the belief at what i can do
My candles fill the air with hope and true ways
To help make mine and others to live through better days.