Not from my world
Not from my time
Not from my life
Not from this line

Yet so funny, smart, strong, and witty
And takes me out of the universe
Where I find my verse, rhythm, and rhymes
My muse works for me

After time spent together I can write till I drop
The words flow like rivers and streams of crops
It exhausts me as I sit for hours with thought
My muse works for me

Always at work
Always calling
Always running
Always stalling

Yet so caring, thoughtful, perceptive, and precise
And takes me to experience the unknowns of this life
Where I find more thoughts, notes, and jokes
My muse works for me

Maybe this
Maybe that
Can do this
Can’t do that

Days and Nights are spent at the block
Carving out words that make sense to my heart
Yet I am blurred by the efforts and length of the clock
My muse works overtime for me

Question Me
Answer this
Listen to me
I’m listening

Always on the fly but able to pass few words by
Takes me where I’ve never been and brings me back again.
Phrases, speech figures and word dances in my head
Depleted, my muse puts me to bed.