The pain is bad
And it is getting worse
Thank god my medication works

I need it fast, faster than last
Maybe a double dose
Will do the task

Where is it?

I really need it now
It’s all I think about
Get it. Help, I am in doubt

The pain is holding me
I can’t move in any space
This box is a very tight place

Oh, shit I feel fluids
In my mouth, ears, and eyes.
My fears are mounting, I’m panting inside

Damn, where is it?

Ring a bell. Press the button.
Give a scream. Get crazy mean.
I am rolling in it now.

Oh, God I can’t breathe.
I can’t hold on. Just a glass and those pills
And I can get along.

YES! I see them. Come to me my sweet
Slide down my hill
Take away this pain and the chills.
Ah! Thank you Lord.