I’ve sat in row K all my life
Been silent, restless, noisy, and shhhh’d,
Now listening, learning, swaying, and cried
In shul, I am home in soul and inside

I love being who I am
This world of tradition and ancient scripture
The embrace of family and ties
This guidance and value we follow throughout our lives

Its more than just this which elevates my spirit
Simple pleasures of fresh hot chala to blessingly enjoy
And burning candles with flickering lights of life
Following rest and peace await beneath my feet

And more to hear the beautiful choir which sings
The summoning of a young man’s youthful voice
Now is his time to read the words
Of his fore Father’s chants and verses

Love this being of family assembling
With new and old, health or hardened
The presence of everyone and all of us is so
Comforting when nothing else can sooth pain

Important we gather again in love and song
Carrying gifts of foods by shouldered arms of strength
In all forms of this life or death
We are similar in our love of being.