I can smell it…
I can hear them…
I know what’s coming…
It’s latkas for dinner tonight!

This food fills the air with sweetness
And joy, celebration and noise
All the family around to join in Hannukah abound

Come dip in apple sauce
Soak in sour cream
Potato pancakes never tasted so wonderful it seems

Together we remember the days of our past
Eating and singing wishing this night
Would be forever and endlessly last

Eating latkas will hold our memories so dear
Of our gatherings with loved ones
Talking, sharing, and caring with great cheer

Although it is just a potato cooked in a special way
It really is so much more in spirit
During this time and unique day

It’s about tradition and family
Our people, our time, our place in the
Present, past, and future, our lifeline.