Dear, who are your parents?
You look so familiar
Don’t we all or
Do we?
I’m just me
Somehow we need to be
Familiar to each other
To feel comfort
To be kin within
But…I’m just me
Oh yes, I knew your Aunt
She was a lovely lady
Now I have a place
A connect, a reason
To be…just me
Who were your friends?
What school did you go to?
When did you attend?
Where did you work?
Why? I’m simply…just me
They need to seek
To find the line
Which connects us to them
And then, they will see
It’s just, little o’l me
I am, I be
The Jew in the geography tree
The proud daughter of them
The relative of those
The sister to mine
The friend of all
The I, the you, the person who just be … ME!