I just need to rest on your chest
Pull the covers over me
Let me hold you Darlin
Let me listen to your beating
Let me listen to your breathing
Let me wrap my leg over yours
I’m so weary still

Hushhhhhnesssss lover hushhhhhnesssss

Tighten your grip around my body
Make us still onto this moment
I’ll close my eyes to the world
I’ll close all thoughts in my mind
I’ll close the bitter taste in my mouth
Release all that’s my pain

Melting hushhhhhnesssss lover hushhhhhhnessssss

Humming sounds rumble in your cavern
Musked soft palms stroke my skin
I’m being guided to heaven
I’m being entranced to the willows
I’m being lifted from life
I love your soul, your peace, your you

Fulfilled hushhhhhnesssss lover hushhhhhhnessssss