As we sat around the table one Friday night
My Father told us to give
Anything you have old or new
Your time, your clothing, your love
He said, “It’s what us Jews do”

And so we gave, all we could
To humanity and a life of good
Each year he asked
What will you do?
To make the difference in someone else’s blue

In Shul we’re taught and pondered in thought
How we can give and make a difference
To those unable and distraught
We searched our souls in creative means
To help the world of our fellow human beings

Since his time and all of ours
Will come in with joy and leave a beautiful past
His words of wisdom have always last
Give what you can to those in need
Do this from your heart and your soul will…

Heed, for the kind and good that you do
Will make some grand lives unknown
The true change will be within your own
As a person who gives, gives of their love
Which honors themselves and those from above.

By: Suzanne Reisler Litwin – In Blessed Memory of Seymour Reisler