Makes me giggle
When it wiggles
I feel so silly inside

Are softly sweets
Neat to eat
I want to bounce on them like pillows

Lollipop pop pop pop pop pops!
Such lovely lickadi loo loos
Circles of coloured rainbows
Especially for me and you

Jelly Beeeeeeeeansssss!
Colours and flavours
Like confetti falling from the sky.
Why not Root Beer my dear? Don’t be shy

Choc coco la taa taaaaaaaa!!!
Smooth rivers flowing down my tongue
Dark, milk, white
Sometimes, I can eat it all through the night

Gum balls, jaw breakers, rock candy
Sounds so tough and mean
Give it “ALL” to me
Let me devour the super powered sweet

Hollering of flavours
Dipping down the cones of summer’s eves
Deliciously cool, refreshing, and pleeeeeeaaaasssse……

Can I have moooooooore of everythinnnnnnng?