Sitting and staring right into my eyes
Listening intently to my whines
It’s amazing how its all recorded
Your manner is exquisitely calm
It helps. It helps me to understand

Always a yes, a possibility, a hope
Nothing is too difficult or hard to cope
Just call me and I’m around
For some it is so difficult,
But for you, it is a chance to share
It carries. It carries me through a day

Rest assured, be advised
You best interest is analyzed
I’ll be there, anywhere, anytime
I really don’t mind
I’d do it for you, for you; who knew?
That doing for you was and is a true
It makes me happy, it really makes me happy

I’m for you, what ever you need
Today, tomorrow, forever, I won’t leave
Settle your self, adjust and relax
I’ll take care of all that matters most
Simply, I want to be your Jack
It takes me. It may take me and I may never come back