So many flowers to choose from
I chose you
Pretty and sweet, totally complete
It is you, you’re for me

Lucky, lucky you are mine
I have a blossom to keep me company
Soft peddled and pure
With a fiery demur

Careful stepping to avoid a bend
Gentle lifting scared to offend
I thought she was yellow
Actually, it is more like a red?

Handle with care!
It is your job, so you better do it well
Place the water here and light there
No wind allowed or it’s going to be hell!

Watch out for flying objects
As something might break
A heart, a soul, the peace
Your mind is at stake

Excuses, abuses, tormenting, then alone
Talk, listen, and lessons given
It’s your seed that is sewn
It’s your seed that stays
Red daisies and red flags together will sway…