With every single passing of breath
We welcome a new birth

Our fresh blessing of life
Is placed upon this beloved earth

Adding to the cylinder of family at last
A beautiful being from the greats of our past

Birthed, brithed, beholden and true
Alas, an unknowing new generation of Jew

Untouched by our heritage, pride, and journey
Of all he will need to learn, honour and be

His place in a people, in this space of time
Will he carry the knowledge of then and mine

Lectures to learn of when time stood still
Remembering the nevers that may not heal

Struggles of a life that begged, borrowed and stealed
May he only know of happiness of gentle years

As more fresh enters the beginning of life cycles
Aging engages the top to take flight

Yet with the start and finish in this cylinder of life
Love of you, of them, and others will connect all to light