Oink Oink Book Launch

Book Launch For The Black Velvet Jacket
On: Saturday, September 17th, 2011 @ 12:00 noon
1343, Greene Avenue, Westmount, Québec, H3Z 2A5 Tél: 514 939 2634

Selwyn House School

Reading & Book Signing
On: November, 2011
At: Selwyn House School, Westmount, Qc

Lower Canada College

Reading & Book Signing
On: November, 2011
At: Lower Canada College, Montreal, Qc

Parkdale Elementary School – English Montreal School Board

Reading & Book Signing
On: December, 2011
At: Parkdale Elementary School, Montreal, Qc

Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School

Book Reading
On: April, 2015
At: Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School, Montreal, Qc

Kids & The Black Velvet Jacket